Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Aquaculture
(A Society under Marine Products Export Development Authority,
Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Govt. of India)

Technology Development Centre for Sustainable Aquaculture

Training & Outreach

The technologies developed at various projects of RGCA are disseminated to the Aquaculture Industry through demonstrations and Training programmes. Several training programmes in Best Husbandry practices for the farming of Asian Seabass and Mud Crab has been organized by the Centre since 2007. Training programmes in Recirculation Aquaculture Systems as well as Live feed production systems have also been organized at the TTTAC. RGCA also brings in International experts from various spheres of Aquaculture to impart training in highly relevant aspects related to current aquaculture activities in the country from time to time.

TTTAC organized an International workshop cum Training programme on Shrimp pathology during November 2011 in collaboration with the Aquaculture Pathology Lab (APL), Arizona USA. About 63 participants from varied aquaculture professions such as shrimp farmers, PCR Lab officials, Hatchery Technicians, MPEDA Officials, Scientists, researchers etc. participated in the workshop. Basic and advanced training course on identification of various pathogens responsible for economically significant diseases were conducted.

The overwhelming response to the first programme and the demand for more such informative programmes has prompted RGCA to organize a second edition of this programme during January 2013.

Outreach Programmes

A series of outreach programmes were launched by the Technology Transfer & Training Centre to create awareness and sensitize the fisherfolk community, farmers, aquaculturists, academicians, researchers etc on the new aquaculture technologies developed at RGCA projects. Details of the programmes organized by RGCA since inception are provided below.

Sl.No Training Programme No: of training programmes conducted No: of awareness programmes conducted Beneficiaries
1 Asian Seabass culture 19   173
2 Mud Crab Aquaculture 6   53
3 Re-Circulation in Aquaculture Systems 1   20
4 Live Feed Production Systems 1   6
5 International Workshop on Shrimp Pathology 1   63
6 Familiarization and Awareness programme on aquaculture of various species such as Seabass, Mud Crab, Groupers, Cobia etc   45 107

Several new programmes are proposed to be organized by the Centre during the coming year. This includes an International Seminar-Workshop in Mud Crab Aquaculture and Fisheries Management during April 2013. Details of the programme are available in the “Events” section of this website.

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